Does Tripe Sticks ship directly to consumers?

We are happy to ship directly to our consumers, however, shipping refrigerated items tends to be rather costly. We suggest you check with your local convenience store.

Are Triple Sticks products frozen?

Yes, we freeze our products to freeze in the freshness immediately after being handmade. The product then holds its integrity through the shipping process so it will be the absolute freshest sandwich at your local convenience store.

Where can I find Triple Sticks sandwiches?

Triple Sticks primary outlets are convenience stores, retails stores and vending machines throughout the country. We use a variety of distribution methods, if we are not in a store near you please request through your local clerk.

How can I get Triple Sticks in my store?

We will be happy to help you set up your first order! Please contact our office @ 1-800-HOT-DELI to speak with one of our friendly sales associates. We use many national and regional wholesalers. We will find a DSD operator in your area.

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