Our Story

When starting out, owner, Joseph Trover, wanted to create a convenient, high quality, food product that tastes great. His father, Jody Trover, was the true King of Sandwiches, owning and operating Landshire Sandwiches for more than 40 years. Learning from the King, Joseph had the all the skills and knowledge to build an efficient, safe, state of the art food plant.The name Triple Sticks, is representative of Trovers three children and their love of golf. Triple Sticks was built on a dream of providing great food at an affordable price to people of all walks of life.

“Triple Sticks mission is to create a great tasting food product to satisfy the hungriest of appetites in a convenient on-the-go package.”


Meet our team

Joe Trover

Joe grew up in the sandwich business as the 4th child of Jeannette and Jody Trover, owners of Landshire Foods. Joe inherited his father’s love of golf and business. After college he quickly realized golf was not going to be his day job, and recieved his MBA from Saint Louis University in 2000, during this time he also gained hands on working knowledge of the food manufacturing and distribution industry. Joe took over as President of the family business in 2001 and then became CEO in 2007. Landshire then moved from a regional bakery and sandwich manufacturer to a national brand. Joe led the company as it grew from $18 million in sales to $75 million by 2014. In 2015, Joe and the other shareholders decided it was time to make a strategic exit of the Landshire Brand and successfully sold in early 2015. Joe quickly realized he missed the joy of creating delicious, on-the-go foods. He and his wife Beth decided to get back into the business of creating food for all to enjoy. The name was inspired by Joe and Beth’s three children, as well as the three pillars of the business:

  • Providing the highest and safest quality food products for our customers
  • Producing at the most efficient and effective pace
  • Meeting and or exceeding our customers needs

Triple Sticks has an amazing team of people who share Joe’s passion of making delicious, convenient food.


Beth Trover

Married to Joe for 16 years and mother of their 3 children, Lucy, Joseph and Annie, Beth has been the CEO of the Trover household. Prior to her most recent position, Beth graduated from Missouri State with a degree in communications and then went to work in sales for Drury Hotels group. From there she went to work with in her family business, which was wholesale produce distribution. Helping run a family business gave Beth experience in every aspect of the business world. Beth has been a charter member of the Triple Sticks Team, mostly behind the scenes and is now ready to bring her experience in sales and marketing to the family business.


David Ducombe

Dave grew up in the midwest number four of nine children. Dave and his wife Beverly are blessed with 6 children and 8 grandchildren. After completing high school and some college he was given the choice of working as an Air Traffic Controller, Route Salesman for Wonder Bread/Hostess Cake or a Production Worker at the Rock Island Arsenal. Choosing the Route Salesman for Wonder Bread, Dave realized his love for sales and customers. Working for the same company for 31 years his roles changed several  times throughout his career with Wonder Bread. From Route Salesman, Supervisor, Branch Manager, Sales Manager and finally to Regional Manager the sales career lasted until 2013 when Wonder Bread closed its doors. In 2013 he was given the opportunity to join the Landshire team as a National Account Manager with Joseph Trover as the CEO. It was an easy decision as Dave was very impressed with the passion Joe had for the business , quality of the products and love for customer service. In 2015 the company was sold and Dave was included as part of the sale to AdvancePierre. In 2018, he was given the opportunity to once again join Joe Trover and his new company. Dave was thrilled with the opportunity and very glad to be a part of the new team and once again offer quality products with great customer service.


Terry Nelson

Terry Nelson is the National Account Manager for Triple Sticks as well as a husband, father of three and grandfather of five.  Terry owned and operated Bell Distributing from 1983 – 1995 growing it from a single truck pizza delivery business to a million plus dollar a year business incorporating 5 routes.  He took his expertise in food service and business knowledge and personal promise of exceptional customer service to the next level when he successfully sold his business and began working with Landshire.  Over the years he has held various positions, but within each area he kept the foundation and philosophy of Triple Sticks at the front and center of his business dealings.  Terry continues today working with Joseph Trover and the other members of Triple Sticks to provide high quality products and exemplary customer service.


Boyd Ahlers

Boyd Ahlers is an Executive Sales and Operations Director who partners with National accounts, Regional Chains, and Independent retailers to grow their business and profitability. After spending over two decades working in the DSD Sales and Customer Service industry, Boyd knows what truly drives sales and execution. In addition to being an Executive at Troverco, Boyd coaches learn to play hockey and enjoys boating with his wife Jamee, daughter Payla, son Dax, and dog Nellie.


Chuck Ruedinger

Chuck has vast knowledge of all aspects of the food industry. With over 37 years of experience, he brings a lot to the table at Triple Sticks. He started out in the dairy industry, and is a licensed cheese maker in the state of Wisconsin. He also spent several years in the egg industry, including liquid processing to cooking and running shell egg packing, up to 1 million eggs a day. He is AIB trained in the baking industry from buns to convenience foods. In 2006 Chuck brought his knowledge to the Landshire team as plant manager. He helped take production from $40 million to $75 million. In 2012 he moved on to another project. In 2017 he was asked to rejoin the team with Triple Sticks. Chuck has built out and is now managing the new plant. He holds over 10 certifications, some of which include, SQF Practitioner and he is a certified internal auditor.


Jay Wittlich

Jay grew up in Belleville, Illinois and went to McKendree College. He was married for forty-nine years, has two Children and four Grand Children. He initiated his career in providing direct food service to customers from 1972-1995. Working with vending companies specializing in Food Service. During these years Jay became knowledgeable in pre-packaged foods, worked with Landshire Sandwich Company, and founder Jody Trover. Jay was provided an opportunity to join the Landshire team in 1995 where he enjoyed building customer relationships inside the organization, as well as the most important; ‘External Customer’ ultimately building a book of business exceeding 15 million dollars until his full-time retirement in December of 2017. He’s now been provided the exciting opportunity to present the all new line of TRIPLE STICKS Pre-Packaged Foods to many customers he became acquainted with through the years.


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